Suzanne Metz


   Suzanne was born in South Africa and in 1980 acquired a BA in fine art. She then immigrated to Canada in 1986 and worked as an art teacher and artist while raising her three daughters. She spent years teaching both children and adults and is now focused on teaching primarily adults at various studios around Toronto.


   Suzanne has been practicing as a professional artist for over 30 years and exhibits and sells her work both locally and internationally.


   Suzanne’s work began by largely focusing on the human form - intrinsically woven in a semi-realistic fashion or an expressive  manner. Her mixed media paintings are on both canvas and paper incorporating mediums such as charcoal, ink, pastels, and spray paint mixed in amongst her acrylic paints. Her colour has varied from the earthy tones of her African heritage toward a more vibrant and pure palette, with elements of collage and calligraphy often interwoven throughout.


   "My playfulness and experimentation is a journey which always incorporates some new and exciting risk-taking processes. Intuitive mark making will always be a leading component of my work allowing for a more spontaneous working process."


   "Painting is my passion, it defines who I am, and it is my chosen way for me to share this passion. My heart and soul inhabits each piece I create. It is my hope that each work will somehow touch the viewer emotively."