Miriam Aroeste


    ‘Humo’ (oo-moh) translates as smoke from spanish. The series evokes a visual perception through smoke where objects seem to be real or not. These ethereal works insinuate a sensual veil that tantalizes the view by simultaneously letting you see without seeing. The points of colour fusion in these works propose a strong tension where the infinity of the large and the infinity of the small co-exist in unison.


    I am interested in depicting authentic, spontaneous emotion and experience in colorful, abstract ways, finding beauty and satisfaction in that which is intensely genuine and ultimately imperfect.


    My work has both abstract visual appeal as well as an underlying conceptual basis. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the mind, conscious and unconscious.


    Memories play a very forward role in my practice, connecting with what I feel in that very moment.


    I hope that my work evokes the viewers’ own personal narratives, and that the inevitable, highly personal range in what’s seen and experienced, ultimately adds depth to the layers of meaning existent in my paintings… In the end, I hope my work stirs, provokes, and evokes in highly personal, evolving ways, causing viewers to look, then look again, finding new meaning over time, and in the process, remain alive and relevant.