Lindsi Beth Perspectives

    Lindsi Hollend is a fine art photographer based in Toronto.  Lindsi has a unique perspective of the everyday moments and objects in the world, be it the allure of nature or the magnitude of the space that surrounds her. She is fascinated by structure, layers, texture, light and colour (which are seen abundantly in her work).  One major driving force in her artistic career has been her commitment to using “in-camera” creative techniques to better understand her photographic subjects.


    Her work is face-mounted to crystal clear acrylic which allows the images to seemingly float off the wall, subtly informing viewers that her larger-than-life creations cannot be bound by borders or frames.


    Lindsi has always championed the betterment of one’s self through introspection - capturing these engaging and evocative images has led Lindsi to shift her life as well - and she is mindful of the influence her imagery has on inspiring people to appreciate the power of perspective.


    Lindsi is grateful to have a craft that allows her to step away from the chaos and create something engaging and inspiring. Her photography attempts to allow space for the viewer to stop and consider the world around them in a new perspective.