Jodi Chapnik Photography

    Jodi Chapnik is a Toronto-based fine art photographer who constantly watches and analyzes what is happening around her. She enjoys traveling the world for inspiration, and to find new subjects to capture.


    After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Jodi began using her keen observation skills to create art. Her growing photography collection of landscapes, unique portraits and close-up object imagery invites people to explore the stories behind her work. Whether she is creating a scene with props, photographing a single object, or using her impeccable timing to catch that fleeting moment, the observer in her is here to share her interpretation of the world.


    Jodi regularly donates the proceeds from the sale of her work to charities that help people in need and endangered species in the wild. Many of the photos used to raise funds for important causes can be found under "Happy Art" on her website at Jodi is a donor to the MyToronto / Ve’ahavta Program, where she also acts as co-chair and teaches photography workshops


    Jodi’s photographs have been shown at various galleries and venues in Canada and her works are held in private and corporate collections in North America.


    Jodi Chapnik’s work explores people, places and things by delving deeply into the character of the subject. She is constantly fueled by the creative process and develops simple concepts into interesting stories. Working closely with both animate and inanimate subjects, her art connects her with people, animals and objects.


    The act of taking photos allows Jodi to explore themes of past and present, memory, disappearance and loss, and leads to reflection on how we see and interpret beauty. Her images represent her life experiences, influenced by memories and dreams and how they create confusing but interesting connections and a sense of relevance achieved through visual permanence.


    Jodi particularly enjoys capturing the essence of the subject and incorporating an element of surprise that captures the viewer's imagination.